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Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holiday Shows Announced


I hope you can join us for one of our final 3 shows this year.

The Audrey Malone Band  ( Audrey Malone, Matthew Williams and Bill Starrett ). Please note we will have special guest at two of our shows.


Merry Christmas!       Happy Hannukah!         Happy Holidays!

AMB Showdates 2017_12


Wishing you Wonderful New Year!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a copy of

A Holiday To Remember

Please add us to your Holiday Music.

You can  preview and purchase from the Music Player Page

The Audrey Malone Band is en route to Nashville ….

Two shows…. You don’t want to miss out…


2017_06_04 The Country Nashville Poster

Sunday June 4th
Doors Open 530PM

The Country Nashville
110 28th Avenue North
Nashville, TN

Show Details
So excited to be playing back in Nashville and hanging with my friends. We’ll be playing from 6 to 730pm. I’ve brought the fellas up from Austin, Texas to play for you tonight. Matthew Williams- Drums/Vocals, and Bill Starrett- Guitar/Vocals. I will be playing bass tonight and singing songs that should be sung. We are also delighted to be opening for Chris Scruggs and The Stone Fox Five who will be playing at 8 o’clock. Come early and stay late… You never know what might happen.


2017_06_06 The Family Wash

Tuesday June 6th
Doors Open 730 PM

The Family Wash
2038 Greenwood Ave
Nashville, TN

Show Details
We are pleased to be a guest of Cole Slivtka.
Join us for a short Set… 40 minutes of pure bliss..
OH my!
If you saw us on Sunday, you’ll be seeing a totally different show tonight.
I’ve brought the fellas up from Austin, Texas to play for you all.
Matthew Williams -Drums/Vocals
Bill Starrett- Guitar/Vocals
I’ll be playing the upright bass tonight and singing original music.. So let all your friends know and artist friends; if they are looking for material. Here it is.
This is open to the public and a non ticketed event.
However, donations are appreciated , not required.. it simply makes it more affordable to come back home.




Audrey Malone performing at Doug Sahm Tribute November 18th, 2016

Hole in the Wall
Friday, Nov. 18, 8pm doors
An All-Star tribute to Doug Sahm
$10 cover benefiting

The songs of Doug Sahm are performed on at least a half-dozen Austin stages every night of the week.

None of those nightspots were more dear to Sir Doug than the Hole in the Wall, where he sat in with pick up bands, shot serious pool, played baseball trivia every Saturday, and even helped the staff pick up empty Lone Star bottles. He contributed a medley of his hits and a Dylan tune to the club’s 20th Anniversary CD.

On Friday, Nov. 18, top local musicians will gather at the storied dive bar on the drag to mark the anniversary of his passing and celebrate the timeless legacy of the international ambassador of Texas music, who stirred up rock, soul, jazz, latino, blues, and honky-tonk into a Tex-Mex tornado of groove.

Featuring Joe King Carrasco, Rick Broussard, Lucas Hudgins, Leo Rondeau, Speedy Sparks, Ramsay Midwood, Amanda Cevallos, Mitch Webb, Eve Monsees, Roger Wallace, Ben Ballinger, Elsa Cross, Billy Broome, Kevin Galloway, Wild Bill, Darren Hoff, Josh Buckley, Bracken Hale, Kullen Fuchs, Eric Hisaw, Sean Lewis, Reid Wilson, Audrey Malone, Glen Collins, Summer Dean, Hilary York, Matt Lara, Andrew Duplantis, Kat Wilkes, Rob Gaines, Matt Hubbard, Jimmie Dreams, Shandon Sahm and more, subject to change.

Doug Sahm Tribute 2016

Audrey Malone’s New CD Available


Songstress, multi-instrumentalist, Audrey Malone celebrates her 5th release and presents her much loved & awaited recording,      Take It Or Leave It.

A Modern, Original Country Classic. From the longing in Patsy Cline’s voice to the soul bearing call in a Hank Williams’ tune.


Audrey Malone is amongst friends and family with this stellar line up of well known and loved American country roots musicians:

Dave Roe, bassist/co-producer/ex-husband and former band member: Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Reed, Vince Gill, Faith Hill. Currently working with Chrissie Hynde, Ray LaMontagne, & Dan Auerbach.

Kenny Vaughan, guitarist extraordinaire and 16 year veteran of Marty Stuart & The Superlatives.

Wayne Bridge, steel guitar, member of Muscle Shoals Dream Team, The Swampers, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Joe Stampley, Vern Gosdin, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and presently Darryl Worley.

Rick Lonow, drums and former band member of Jamie Hartford. Currently touring with Poco and recording with Loretta Lynn.

Gregg Wetzel, piano and blues artist.

Kathy Jarrell, backing vocals and former band member of Vern Gosdin.

These creative souls capture and pay homage to the song with a presence that immerses you. The songs resonate life experienced through the heart, head and viscera; penned by Audrey Malone.

Track 1. “Take It Or Leave It” garners the wages of choice.

Track 2. “I Choose You” co-written with Dave Roe, love’s intoxicating committment.

Track 3. “Wasting Away” When it’s worth the wait.

Track 4. “I Tried” draws from exhausting the possibilities and accepting heart wrenching defeat.

Track 5. “What Was It You Wanted To Say” may be the number one thing we all want to hear.

Track 6. “When Are We Gonna Get There” co-written with Ollie O’Shea; from the backseat with daddy driving.

Track 7. “Somethings Are Better Left Undone” satisfies the haunt when overcome with being alone but with someone.

Track 8. “Life’s Too Short” breaks from expectation to become true to self.

Track 9.“Safe Harbor” love’s light beckons to safety’s arms.