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The Audrey Malone Band is based in Austin, Texas. Seasoned songwriters and multi instrumentalist from varying backgrounds. Some are producers, recording artists, engineers. From jingles, broadway, studio recordings, roadhouse to film.. We are currently working on a new recording and video while awaiting the release of the new CD.
Who is The Audrey Malone Band:
Audrey Malone– Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Writer, Arranger from New Orleans, LA. & Nashville, TN. Home: Austin, Texas. Discography: Audrey Malone & The Rhythm Kings, Swingtown (1998). Hepcat; Methods of Maddness, Musique Du Jour, (2003). Grail Records; Audrey Malone & Michael Evans, A Holiday to Remember (2009), Grail Records; Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014),and many other independent sessions. Band Geneaology: The Calvins, Bill Monroe, Apple Scruffs, Audrey & the Auditease, Audrey Malone & The Rhythm Kings, Cowpie, Methods of Maddness, The Naughty School Girls, Stella, Juke Joint Prophets, & Bain Ennis.
Matthew Williams-Vocals, Drums, Writer, Arranger from Fort Worth, TX & Upstate New York. Home: Kyle, Texas. Discography:Kenny Traylor Blues Band: Born with the Blues (1989), HardTop Records; Somethings Gotta Change(1991). HardTop Records; Blarney Brothers: Stuff’N Nonsense (1995). Silver Shamrock; A Fine Line Between Ambition and Delusion (1999), Silver Shamrock; Lager Than Life, (2000). Silver Shamrock. Maggie Drennon, Maggie Drennon (2004). Loose Goose Records. Jiggernaut: In Search of More, (2000). Off Hand Records; Evolution (2002). Off Hand Records; The Well (2009). Smith/Scotland, Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014). Band Genealogy: Soul Kitchen, Blarney Brothers, Chuck Rainey & Jiggernaut, Juke Joint Prophets & Bain Ennis.
Bill Starrett-Vocals, Guitar, Writer, Arranger from Austin, TX & Prince George, British Columbia. Discography: Harley Davis, Lasting Love (1995),George Palmer Macias, Firefly (2009) & Water On Tin (2013), Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014). Home: Austin, Texas. Band Genealogy: Hundreds of artists & Juke Joint Prophets.
Craig Pettigrew– Bass, Guitar, Songwriter. Home: Austin, Texas.  Discography:  The Wagoneers, Stout & High (1988), and Good Fortune (1989) A&M Records; Dale Watson, Cheatin’ Heart Attack (1995), and Blessed or Damned (1996) HighTone Records. Several charted singles. Inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame with the Wagoneers in 2012.  Band Genealogy: Charlie Robison & the Millionaire Playboys, Dale Watson, Jessie Dayton & The Alamo Jets, Mary Cutrufello.

We run the gamut and take you on a journey from the depths of despair to lighthearted upbeat, Delta River Blues to Swinging Country Jazz. A toe tapping time to be had. We call our style “American Dance Hall” derived from the insatiable urge to dance and the melting pot of musical styles.
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Contact Information:
Audrey Malone Productions
6705 West Hwy 290    #51210
Austin, Texas 78735


The Audrey Malone Band was birthed simply by great musicians seeking great musicians to create and have fun. All members are seasoned, professional, responsible and have chosen to play together out of the love of art and each other. A Sure thing!
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