Audrey Malone’s New CD Available


Songstress, multi-instrumentalist, Audrey Malone celebrates her 5th release and presents her much loved & awaited recording,      Take It Or Leave It.

A Modern, Original Country Classic. From the longing in Patsy Cline’s voice to the soul bearing call in a Hank Williams’ tune.


Audrey Malone is amongst friends and family with this stellar line up of well known and loved American country roots musicians:

Dave Roe, bassist/co-producer/ex-husband and former band member: Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Reed, Vince Gill, Faith Hill. Currently working with Chrissie Hynde, Ray LaMontagne, & Dan Auerbach.

Kenny Vaughan, guitarist extraordinaire and 16 year veteran of Marty Stuart & The Superlatives.

Wayne Bridge, steel guitar, member of Muscle Shoals Dream Team, The Swampers, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Joe Stampley, Vern Gosdin, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and presently Darryl Worley.

Rick Lonow, drums and former band member of Jamie Hartford. Currently touring with Poco and recording with Loretta Lynn.

Gregg Wetzel, piano and blues artist.

Kathy Jarrell, backing vocals and former band member of Vern Gosdin.

These creative souls capture and pay homage to the song with a presence that immerses you. The songs resonate life experienced through the heart, head and viscera; penned by Audrey Malone.

Track 1. “Take It Or Leave It” garners the wages of choice.

Track 2. “I Choose You” co-written with Dave Roe, love’s intoxicating committment.

Track 3. “Wasting Away” When it’s worth the wait.

Track 4. “I Tried” draws from exhausting the possibilities and accepting heart wrenching defeat.

Track 5. “What Was It You Wanted To Say” may be the number one thing we all want to hear.

Track 6. “When Are We Gonna Get There” co-written with Ollie O’Shea; from the backseat with daddy driving.

Track 7. “Somethings Are Better Left Undone” satisfies the haunt when overcome with being alone but with someone.

Track 8. “Life’s Too Short” breaks from expectation to become true to self.

Track 9.“Safe Harbor” love’s light beckons to safety’s arms.

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