The Audrey Malone Band is en route to Nashville ….

Two shows…. You don’t want to miss out…


2017_06_04 The Country Nashville Poster

Sunday June 4th
Doors Open 530PM

The Country Nashville
110 28th Avenue North
Nashville, TN

Show Details
So excited to be playing back in Nashville and hanging with my friends. We’ll be playing from 6 to 730pm. I’ve brought the fellas up from Austin, Texas to play for you tonight. Matthew Williams- Drums/Vocals, and Bill Starrett- Guitar/Vocals. I will be playing bass tonight and singing songs that should be sung. We are also delighted to be opening for Chris Scruggs and The Stone Fox Five who will be playing at 8 o’clock. Come early and stay late… You never know what might happen.


2017_06_06 The Family Wash

Tuesday June 6th
Doors Open 730 PM

The Family Wash
2038 Greenwood Ave
Nashville, TN

Show Details
We are pleased to be a guest of Cole Slivtka.
Join us for a short Set… 40 minutes of pure bliss..
OH my!
If you saw us on Sunday, you’ll be seeing a totally different show tonight.
I’ve brought the fellas up from Austin, Texas to play for you all.
Matthew Williams -Drums/Vocals
Bill Starrett- Guitar/Vocals
I’ll be playing the upright bass tonight and singing original music.. So let all your friends know and artist friends; if they are looking for material. Here it is.
This is open to the public and a non ticketed event.
However, donations are appreciated , not required.. it simply makes it more affordable to come back home.